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April 20, 2023
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Relaxation and fun at Aquapark Nymphaea Oradea, the largest water park in Transylvania

February 02, 2021

One of the main attractions for those visiting Oradea is represented by Aquapark Nymphaea. Spread over an area of 7 hectares, the water park is the largest in Transylvania and is the place where you can indulge yourself, regardless of the season. Visitors have at their disposal indoor and outdoor pools, slides, saunas, massage, jacuzzi, Turkish baths with thermal water and multi-purpose sports fields. 

This explains the fact that, only in the first five years after its opening, the Oradea aquapark attracted a total of 1.5 million people who took advantage of the relaxation and wellness areas.

Investment of 22 million euros for relaxation and entertainment

The Nymphaea Aquapark was built on the site of the former municipal beach in Oradea, on the banks of the Crișului Repede, through an investment of 22 million euros, co-financed from European funds. The opening of the park was an event that generated huge interest among locals and tourists - as a miscellaneous fact, on the second day of operation, on September 11, 2016, the park entrance system was blocked, the maximum capacity of 1,800 people being reached. 

The Oradea water park offers all the necessary facilities to those wishing to have fun or relax. During the summer, the outdoor pools are the great area for cooling off, while in the cold season, the most sought after are the indoor pools. 

For the little ones, the favorite attractions are the wave pools, the 10 slides and special play structures, while adults can escape the stress and bustle of everyday life at Finnish, Russian or cold room saunas, Turkish baths with thermal water, massage or jacuzzi. The relaxation and wellness areas are equipped with a bar and restaurant, and customers of the aquapark can indulge in natural and beauty treatments.

In total, the water park in Oradea consists of six buildings, six saunas, massage parlors, restaurants and sports fields. They complete the atmosphere of a small tropical island offered by the 13 swimming pools within the complex. 

Development projects

Regardless of the season, the Nymphaea Aquapark in Oradea works daily, between 10:00 and 22:00. The outdoor pools and slides are accessible from May 1 to September 30, and prices are included between 41 lei and 82 lei. Of course, discounts are offered for children, students and pensioners. 

To avoid long waiting times, tourists can buy tickets online, especially during weekends, holidays or public holidays. 

The services and facilities of Nymphaea Aquapark have attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors annually and generated a profit of 7 million euros for local authorities, under the administration of which the water park is located. 

Precisely for this reason, development plans for the complex were drawn up. For the near future, it is desired to set up a 25 meter long swimming pool, six lanes and a retractable roof, after the swimming pool of the aquapark has been made available to the Municipal Sports Club. Also, the management of the aquapark is taking into account the arrangement of some shade with about 2,500 seats. 

The Nymphaea Aquapark does not have accommodation units, but tourists can complement the relaxation or entertainment within the water park with the personalized accommodation services in Oradea offered by Caro Hotel. We offer our guests facilities far superior to the three stars that our hotel in the heart of the city is classified under. 

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