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The regulation applies to all tourists entering the hotel and must comply with it without limits or reservations. Making a booking constitutes your consent to this policy.

 As Hosts, we want you to have a pleasant stay at CARO BOUTIQUE HOTEL&RESTAURANT by assuring you that we strive that the services offered are at the level of your requirements. In order to be able to fulfill these goals, in such a way that you come back to us with pleasure every time, please respect the following rules of internal order: 

● Tourist is any person who benefits from any service provided by CARO BOUTIQUE HOTEL&RESTAURANT 

● Accommodation is made at the reception, presenting the identity document for the electronic registration intended for guests, completing all the documents according to the law, in order to release the key/access card related to the reserved room; 

● As a rule, check-in starts at 3:00 p.m., and the room is checked out by 12:00 p.m.

● Payment of accommodation costs is made at the latest at the time of arrival, at the reception. From the moment of taking the key/card from the reception, until its release, the tourist is responsible for the reserved room; 

● The people who come to visit must be notified at the reception, they must leave the hotel by 23.00 on the same day at the latest. If they do not leave the hotel, the accommodation fee will be charged.

● Breakfast takes place between the hours: 7.30 – 10.00; this timetable can be changed provided that the reception notifies the tourist in advance! 

● Please do not use the towels for: wiping dyed hair, removing make-up, cleaning shoes, suitcases, floors, etc. To be used for body use only. 

● Any accident caused as a result of improper use of the equipment or non-compliance with this regulation is the responsibility of the tourist; 

● Also, any accident caused by improper supervision of children is the responsibility of the companion(s)

● The hotel does not assume responsibility for the cars in the parking lot and for the objects left inside them

 ● It is forbidden to access and use electrical appliances (e.g.: stoves, radiators, kettles, irons, etc.) in the hotel, with the exception of those provided in the room

  • In case you need ironing services, please contact the receptionist.

● Smoking/vaping (electronic cigarette – according to EC regulation) is only allowed in specially arranged spaces; it is forbidden to throw cigarette butts anywhere other than in ashtrays.

● Garbage and household waste will be stored in specially arranged places, in household bags or in trash cans

● Do not throw objects into the toilet bowl that could lead to clogging of the sewage system; also valid for sink and shower drains

 ● It is forbidden to use the equipment and equipment of the hotel, other than those intended for tourists, without the consent of the hotel staff; 

● It is forbidden to bring into the hotel: weapons, edged weapons or substances prohibited by law

 ● The consumption or sale of hallucinogenic or "psychotropic" substances is prohibited, they are punishable according to the laws in force. 

  • The hotel does NOT accept pets

● Handing over the key/access card at the reception is done after the room has been checked by the hotel staff

 ● In case of early departure, the hotel reception must be notified at least 12 hours before. 

Tourists have the obligation to: 

● Not to take any object from the hotel equipment and/or that does not belong to them upon departure

 ● Not to damage the objects of the hotel, otherwise they owe the hotel an amount equal to the value of the damaged object to which the related work is added; 

● Not to enter other rooms or spaces off-limits to tourists

 ● Do not leave children unattended, it is forbidden to use the elevator by children under 12 years old without an adult companion

● To announce as quickly as possible any malfunction of equipment or installations

● To keep the peace in the hotel and to respect other people

  • The hotel reception is closed between 23.00 and 07.00. Please let us know if you arrive after 10pm.

The Caro Boutique Hotel&Restaurant team